Viviana’s Biography

Hi! My name is Viviana Soldano Fabrizio.WBFF Sac 2013-07LH4767 copy

I was born and grew up in Genova, Italy. In father Sergio Soldano was a world famous clothing and fur designer to the world’s top actresses and Top models. He has designed clothing for famous actresses such as Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Ursula Andress, Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Monica Vitti, Virna¬†Lisi ,Veruschka von Lehndorff ,Grace Jones, and many, many more.

I definitely grew up in a fashion world full of creativity & hard work. Watching my parents work as hard as they did made me realize that anything is possible to achieve with dedication and lots of passion. imgbio2Thanks to my father’s creations, I experienced the world of high fashion modeling at a very young age, and was able to start modeling work traveling Europe & Japan.

I always hoped that i would grow a few inches taller, and be able to runway the high fashion shows in N.Y., Milan, & Paris, but because of my height as i got older(only 5’4″ tall) i had to choose a different type of modeling, geared more to commercial, glamour & fitness. Being in front of the camera is always been my passion, and be able to create a vision or a dream WBFF Sac 2013-07LH9830 copythrough a photo is what makes me so passionate.

I am now married to Bruce FaBrizio–President/Founder & CEO of Simple Green. The past 7 years I have been modeling for all of my personal calendars, Simple Green calendars, and some national and international magazine ads and TV commercials. I am also working on a lot of my own projects from my personal website, such , posters, greeting cards–and also started selling some of my own stock photos from all around the world. Please visit my stock photos section @, in case you need a special imgbio5photo to promote your business or project. I am always offering a variety of different looks in all of my photos, including my mermaid collection.

I eventually moved to Orange County, California and continued to pursue my modeling/acting career. Modeling acted as a second job but then slowly I found myself getting involved into the fitness world. I got my personal training license and started working as a personal trainer/nutritionist and continued my modeling as part time job. One day I went to see a BB contest where one of my friends, and from the second she stepped on stage I knew it was something I had to try as well! So I WBFF Sac 2013-07LH3523 copycompeted 4 times starting in 2002 and earned my way up to National level in Figure by 2005 , but unfortunately I had to quit competing because I did not have my USA citizenship at that time, and could not compete on a National show.

It was very upsetting at that time. 2012, I started competing AGAIN, but this time I tried a division PHYSIQUE , and had to be a little more muscular that Figure. Fortunately on my very first show which was NPC Los Angeles July 2012. There I was able to earn my National position back again, by placing 3rd and since I had my USA citizenship i was able to go to my FIRST National show in Las Vegas …….nothing could stop me from going to the imgbio3Nationals!!!

I did my very first National show in Las Vegas, NV and my second biggest National show in Atlanta, GA in November 2012 . You can find videos & photos of those 2 BIG events on my new website or buy the videos on line . In 2013, I competed for the first time for a new federation WBFF on July 20th, in Sacramento, California. i entered 4 classes and placed top 5 in all of them. i got 2nd place in “open figure” and 4th place in “fitness model”. It was a wonderful experience i loved competing in thiimgbio1s Federation , since then i got really busy with more modeling gigs, and been working on some t v projects. i will take a break from competing and maybe come back on the WBFF stage later on in the near future.

In 2014 I Started My Own Dog Foundation Amore For Dogs with my husband as a partner his company Simple Green is my main sponsor. You Can Check Www.Amorefordogs.Com website for more information about the foundation….this whole new dog foundation has brought a lot of Joy And Satisfaction Into my life, always had a passion for dogs, and animals, and be Able To Help Other Dogs In Need is been the most amazing Great feeling i have ever felt, . Our Purpose Is To Raise Money To Save Dogs Around The World, and so with my Modeling experience and love for dogs, I Have decided to start this foundation & to pursue productioIMG_4509a 2n on several Photo Projects to be marketed for Fundraising.

For 2015-2016 Year We Made Our First 16-Month Calendar, Featuring My Dogs And Some Of The Dogs I Have Rescued And Sponsored.

Please Visit My Events Page With All My Updates And Events Lists Or My Facebook Public Figure Page. viviana soldano & amore for dogs . .

Thank you for all your love and support. God Bless you always!


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